october, 2022

1001 NachtsSpectacular

1st SquadronKids' Ride

Airport 8Family Ride

Alien InvasionSpectacular

Americana CarouselFamily Ride

Area 51Spectacular

AtlantisKids' Ride

Balloon SambaKids' Ride

Bear AffairFamily Ride

Berry Go RoundFamily Ride

Big Foot TrucksFamily Ride

Big TopMajor Ride

Cake WalkFamily Ride

CarouselFamily Ride

Century CarouselFamily Ride

Century WheelSpectacular

Chopper HopperFamily Ride

Cliff HangerSpectacular

Crazy TrainSpectacular

Crown Merry Go RoundFamily Ride

Cycle JumpKids' Ride

CycloneMajor Ride

DinosaursKids' Ride

Dizzy DragonsFamily Ride

Dragon Wagon (2)Kids' Ride

Eagle 16 Ferris Wheel (3)Major Ride

Energy StormSpectacular

EnterpriseMajor Ride

Ex-Scream Machine Giant Roller CoasterSpectacular


FirehouseKids' Ride

Flying BobsSpectacular


Freak OutSpectacular

Frog HopperFamily Ride

Giant Pole Position Spinning Roller CoasterSpectacular

Giant ScootersSpectacular

Giant SlideSpectacular

Giant Wheel (2)Spectacular

Grand CarouselFamily Ride

Happy SwingKids' Ride

HaywireMajor Ride


Hot RodKids' Ride


Jake's Pirate JetsKids' Ride

Jump AroundKids' Ride

Jumpin JungleFamily Ride

Jumping JumbosFamily Ride

Jungle FunhouseFamily Ride

Jungle Of FunKids' Ride

Kid WheelKids' Ride

Kite FlyerMajor Ride

Lolli Swings (3)Family Ride

Looney Tooter TrainFamily Ride

Magic SwingKids' Ride

Mardi GrasFamily Ride

Mega FlipSpectacular

Monkey MazeFamily Ride

NEW: Hawaiian ExpressSpectacular

OrbiterMajor Ride

Orient ExpressFamily Ride

Pirates of The Magical MidwayFamily Ride

Quad RunnerKids' Ride


RaptorMajor Ride

RenegadeMajor Ride

Ring Of FireSpectacular

Rio Grande TrainKids' Ride

Rockin TugFamily Ride



Shake UpSpectacular

State Fair Fun SlideSpectacular

Super Shot Drop TowerSpectacular

Super Slide (3)Major Ride

Tea CupsFamily Ride


Tilt A WhirlFamily Ride

Tommy KangarooKids' Ride

TornadoMajor Ride

Turbo ForceSpectacular

Umbrella JeepsKids' Ride

Umbrella Jet SkiKids' Ride


ViperMajor Ride

Wacky ShackFamily Ride

Wacky Worm Roller CoasterFamily Ride

Wave SwingerSpectacular

Wet BoatsKids' Ride

Whacky TracksFamily Ride

White Water Flume RideSpectacular

Wind SurferMajor Ride


Zillerator Giant Roller CoasterSpectacular


Zombie CarnivalFamily Ride

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