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Butler Amusements
The Butler Story
About the Cleanest Show in the West

  • Butch Butler

    The Beginning

    Butler Amusements has operated for over 50 years. The company is still committed to its original motto “The Cleanest Show in the West.” Throughout the company's existence from when it was founded in 1970 by George “Bud” Butler, his wife Evelyn, and his son Earl “Butch”, it has continued to provide the newest and most exciting rides and attractions available in the carnival industry. The presentation of the carnival always includes innumerable features which give a bright colorful appearance while always stressing a safe and customer-friendly environment. Butler Amusements was incorporated on February 17, 1984 in San Jose, California.
  • Circle of Excellence

    Circle of Excellence

    We were recognized for our first-class operation at the 2005, 2010, 2015 & 2022 International Association of Fairs Convention when we were awarded the Circle of Excellence designation by the Outdoor Amusement Business Association. This coveted designation by the OABA as the “BEST OF THE BEST” is also recognized by the International Association of Fairs as designation of a well- run, safe, high quality and well- managed carnival operation. We continue to maintain this designation which is up for renewal every (5) five years.
  • First Food Concession

    Concessionaire Roots

    The Butler family's interest in the outdoor amusement industry began in their hometown of Austin, Minnesota. Bud worked at the Hormel Meat Company while simultaneously operating a grocery store “Bud & Bobs.” On weekends, Bud would take game concessions out to carnivals playing in neighboring communities.



    When Butch was 13 years old, he joined his father on these weekend and summer excursions through the Midwest, operating games on several carnivals. Soon the father and son weekend avocation became a full-time occupation. {1955}

    By 1960, Bud was operating several game concessions. In that year, he purchased a state of the art kiddie ride and moved, with his wife Evalyn, to California. He became associated with several West Coast-based carnivals including Foley & Burk Combined Shows, Monarch Pacific, and West Coast Shows. Butch, now 18 remained in Austin, attending junior college and managing the family grocery store. During the summers, he continued to operate his food and game concessions with several Midwest carnivals.

  • First Ride

    Westward Expansion

    In 1967, married and with two daughters-Tami, 5, and Kelley, 3, Butch and his wife Mary Lou moved west to join his parents. The Butler family's migration to California became complete when Butch's sister Colleen and her husband Eugene also moved to the West Coast. The Butlers were then working on the Monarch Pacific Shows. But the demise of that company was imminent and the Butlers began making plans for a carnival of their own. The sale of the family grocery store in Austin, Minnesota provided funding for their first major ride- a Tilt –A-Whirl.


    Bud and Butch had joined West Coast Shows in 1968-Bud as a Unit Manager and Butch managing the office. With this experience under their belts father and son decided to finalize plans for their own show. In late 1969, a small carnival owned by Larry Ferris was acquired. Adding their own rides and equipment to the Ferris collection, Butler Amusements officially debuted at a shopping center in Mountain View, California in the spring of 1970. That winter, the Butlers signed their first fair contract at the Redwood Empire Fair in Ukiah, California.

  • Butler Midway

    Present Day

    Today Butler Amusements is the largest carnival company in the western United States, providing the carnival for over 100 different events annually including 35  state and county fairs.  This includes over 125 amusement rides that operate in seven different states including California, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Nevada, Arizona and Texas.  The corporate headquarters is located in Beaverton, Oregon, the booking and marketing office is in Fairfield, California and the winter quarters and maintenance facility is located in Santa Nella, California.

    Customer safety and satisfaction have always been the primary factors considered when acquiring new rides and attractions. This has helped us provide the safest possible fun for Butler customers and be able to feature some new attractions each year.

  • Butler Family

    Family Owned and Operated

    Butler Amusements family- owned and operated company. Building its carnival over many years into one of the largest in the United States was accomplished through the hard, dedicated work of the family and its employees. The fourth generation of Butlers is now actively involved in operation of the company.

Roller Coaster




"One of the first things that you notice about Butler Amusements is how clean it is. The rides are beautifully maintained and polished. The lights are spectacular and all working. Their employees are dressed in clean, attractive uniforms, and are very friendly and professional with the patrons. This all goes back to the excellent management exhibited by the team at Butler...The Butler management staff is outstanding to work with, demonstrating a level of professionalism that is refreshing to see."

Leah E. Perkins-Hagele, CFE, Fair Manager
Washington County Fair, Hillsboro, OR


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Butler Amusements

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