Spectacular Rides are rides which are the most expensive to acquire. These rides are also the most exhilarating and are normally geared towards teens and adults. Spectacular rides are high capacity, in that they can hold and seat numerous patrons in a very efficient manner. Plus because they are often extremely thrilling they are the most sought after by fair patrons and carnival owners alike. To view our rides, select from the list below:

Super Round Up

The Super Round Up features a circular horizontal platform with a vertical cage like wall around the outside edge. The platform is attached to a motor on a hydraulic arm. Capable of holding 42 riders, the ride starts out by spinning until the centrifugal force is enough to push riders against the wall. The friction between the riders' backs and the walls is enough to hold them against that outside wall. Then, the arm raises the horizontal platform to a vertical position in which riders, instead of spinning horizontally, are now spinning vertically. All of this makes for a fun vertical spin in the open air!



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