Spectacular Rides are rides which are the most expensive to acquire. These rides are also the most exhilarating and are normally geared towards teens and adults. Spectacular rides are high capacity, in that they can hold and seat numerous patrons in a very efficient manner. Plus because they are often extremely thrilling they are the most sought after by fair patrons and carnival owners alike. To view our rides, select from the list below:

Super Shot Drop Tower

Unlike any other ride on our midway, the Super Shot brings a new dimension of thrills to your carnival goers. 12 passengers are loaded into each circular passenger station. Over-the-shoulder harnesses secure patrons while they are gently lifted up the 90-foot tower. Once the passenger station reaches the top, it is released in an accelerated freefall and riders experience G-Forces in excess of 3 1/2 times normal. Riders are then cushioned by a magnetic braking system that stops the station before it reaches the base of the tower. The Super Shot is an exciting spectacular addition to the Butler midway.



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