Spectacular Rides are rides which are the most expensive to acquire. These rides are also the most exhilarating and are normally geared towards teens and adults. Spectacular rides are high capacity, in that they can hold and seat numerous patrons in a very efficient manner. Plus because they are often extremely thrilling they are the most sought after by fair patrons and carnival owners alike. To view our rides, select from the list below:

Giant Pole Position Spinning Roller Coaster

The Giant Pole Position Spinning Roller Coaster will be brand new to Butler Amusements this year, and will be the hot new feature ride attraction at your 2006 fair. The Pole Positions Spinning Coaster will be the Fabbri Groups first spinning coaster delivered to a North American customer. This Italian made, world class coaster is composed of three levels, with the very top measuring 55 feet high. Each of the five coaster cars are painted just like racing cars and holds four passengers. This is not an ordinary coaster. The ride will also have extra sound effects to dramatize when the car goes around a corner or gains in elevation. Riders hold on tight while the car gently climbs to the very top, after a moment of anticipation riders experience a free fall while the car itself actually spins while maneuvering along the track. A superior coaster experience!



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