The Butler Amusements, Inc. Management Team
Mick Brajevich, CEO and President

Mick, in addition to serving as the company CEO and President, also is a Unit Manager. His unit operates at several California fairs, as well as many of the largest fairs in the Pacific Northwest. He began his career in the carnival industry in 1976. He has extensive experience in game concession management, lot layout, and unit management. Brajevich currently serves on the board of directors of the Outdoor Amusement Business Association. His wife, Kris is active in the business and recently served as President of the Showfolks of America. The Brajevich’s have four children.

Lance Moyer, COO and Executive Vice President Lance is a central figure in the management of the company. In addition to being Chief Operations Officer, he is also a Unit Manager. He has extensive industry experience spanning over 40 years and is especially knowledgeable on ride maintenance and safety programs. Moyer is active in various showmen’s organizations, having served as President of the Pacific Coast Showmen’s Association and the Showfolk’s of America. His wife Jill is also a past President of the Pacific Coast Showmen’s Association. The Moyers have three children, who are part of the fourth family generation involved with the company.

Andrea Stillwell, Marketing Director Andrea works in the Booking and Marketing office in Fairfield, California. Her responsibilities include working with preparation of contract proposals and marketing. She also helps coordinate the overall logistics for the carnival units. Prior to her current role in the company, she managed one of the company road unit offices.